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Here's a master post with most of my fics in it. I've left some of the sillier ones off the list, but you can still find them on A03 if you really really have to!

I've also left links to the BritPick resource posts I've created for the merlin_writers LJ comm.

As always, if you enjoy reading any of these posts (or even if you don't!), please feel free to let me know.

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The Amber Rose
Canon-era AU. 44,985 words. Rating: Teen and up. Pairings: Arthur/Merlin.
An unknown magic-user in disguise is stirring up the people with his daring rescue bids – at great personal risk he is bringing people on dragonback out of Camelot to safety in Caerleon. Rumour has it that he leaves a calling card with a picture of a flower emblazoned upon it at the site of each rescue. The common people have started to call him “The Amber Rose”. Inspired by "The Scarlet Pimpernel" by Baroness Orczy.
On A03 here

Angel in Black Leather
Modern AU. 4119 words. Rating: NC-17. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
As a firefighter, Arthur is fully aware of the danger that Merlin's in, whenever he goes out on his motorcycle. But it's only when he attends a terrible road traffic accident that he becomes aware of the full extent of his feelings.
On A03 here

The Battersea Buttery
Modern AU. 29,339 words. Rating: NC-17. Pairings: Arthur/Merlin, and others.
Merlin / Friends fusiony mish-mashy Friends AU - set in London, with a cast of Merlin characters dropping in for tea, and toasted crumpets.
On A03 here

Bavarian Rhapsody
Modern AU. 3476 words. Rating: PG. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
It’s Camelot's annual Bavarian Oktoberfest. Arthur loses a bet and has to wear a dirndl and serve beer. Luckily, his similarly clad co-worker, Merlin, is available to show him the ropes.
On A03 here

Blackberry Picking.
Merlin RPF. Rating: NC-17. 11637 words. Pairing: Bradley / Colin
Bradley has a big heart and loves everybody, especially Colin. He also has a secret magical power: he draws pictures that come to life. But will he use his talent for good or ill? Featuring: a cast of ninjas and eejits, pranks that go wrong, angst, misunderstandings, broken hearts, and two boys growing up.
Pairings: Bradley James / Colin Morgan
On A03 here, on my LJ here.

Brassed Off Calendar Girls Do the Full Monty in Camelot
Modern AU. c45K words. Melin/Arthur. Warning; Implied or Off-stage Rape/Non-con, Rape/Non-con recovery references
Plot bunnies do eat my brain occasionally, and I have to appease them. This Yorkshire homage is an example of plot-bunny hijacking. Described by my sister as the most indulgent thing I have ever written. I don't understand. I mean, what's not to like about a purple flugelhorn named Gloria?
On my LJ here.
Cleaned up version on A03 here.

The Bridge
Modern Royalty AU. 5251 words. Rating: Teen And Up Pairings: Merlin/Arthur.
Merlin returns to work in the royal household just before Christmas, after a period of unpaid leave. At first, he just about manages to hold things together. But then he’s dragged into a game of Bridge, sitting opposite the king himself, and Arthur starts to unpick his defences.
On A03 here

Camelot Reshuffle
Modern AU. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin, and others. Rating: M. 6614 words.
Merlin's current flat mate, darling of daytime TV, and national treasure, Gwen Smith, asks for an innocuous-seeming favour. In which Merlin has an inconvenient migraine, there are inappropriate crushes, and various peoples’ acts of revenge don’t turn out as originally intended.
On my LJ here, on A03 here

Chasing the Dragon
Modern AU. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin. Rating: NC-17. 10463 words.
The quiet life in rural Cornwall suits Merlin. As a portrait artist with synesthesia, he makes a living out of his unusual ability to see sounds. But he finds his tranquil world thown into turmoil when he takes on a commission to paint rock 'n' roll demi-god Arthur Pendragon. And despite finding himself thrust into an uncertain world of deranged celebrity stalkers, golden dragons and kidnappings, Merlin can't bring himself to regret a thing.
On A03 here

Canon Compliant. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin. 938 words. Crack. Rating: NC-17.
Who can resist Arthur and Merlin first thing in the morning? They certainly can't resist each other. And I just can't resist knob jokes.
On my LJ here, on A03 here

Modern AU series. Words: 14,982. Rating: NC-17. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
A nine-work series, chronicling Duke Arthur Pendragon's recovery from a terrible riding accident, and his developing relationship with his nurse / carer Merlin.
On A03 here

Cups and Saucerers
Canon-compliant post-5.13 time-travel fic. 36992 words. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin (and various others) Rating: NC-17
It's 2014. Merlin, disguised as a humble tea-shop owner, despairs when he discovers that Arthur has already returned and died again. Arthur’s sister Morgan is wrongly imprisoned for his murder. Meanwhile Britain teeters on the brink of catastrophe. Can Merlin devise a time-travel spell to avert Arthur’s death and save his country without causing even more dreadful consequences?
On A03 here

Modern AU. 23,262 words. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin (and various others) Rating: NC-17
Merlin's nervous enough about the ski instructor job; he really doesn't need the added stress of concealing the real purpose for his placement. He's a diligent sort of bloke, so he'll do his best. But he can't help thinking it'd all be a whole lot easier if he didn't have a rapidly escalating crush on his room mate.
Merlin Reverse Bang 2014 entry. Together with amazing and gorgeous art by fuckyeah (La_Temperanza)
On A03 here

Modern AU. 57,000 words. Rating: NC-17. Pairings: Arthur/Merlin endgame, Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Other, other side pairings. Warnings for offstage minor character death, some violence and minor threat.
In some ways, this is a story about climate change. And dragons. Involving a trip to Antarctica, a colony of penguins, mystery and subterfuge. But mostly, it follows the bumps, meanderings, and mishaps along the path of a pair of idiots falling in love.
Collaboration with candymacaron. See the amazing art masterpost here
Story on A03 here (on A03)

The Enemy, Time, In Us All. Part 1
Modern AU. 1792 words. Rating: Teen and up. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin, Morgana/Gwaine.
Why did Merlin let Gwaine talk him into coming to the College Reunion? It's been ten years, and a lot of water has passed under the bridge. And he really does not have butterflies in his stomach every time someone with broad shoulders and even vaguely blond hair enters the crowded pub, dear me, no.
On A03 here

The Enemy, Time, In Us All. Part 2
Modern AU. 2038 words. Rating: Teen and up. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin, Morgana/Gwaine.
Morgana has been in two minds about this reunion all along. She’s only here because her half brother Arthur insisted; she’s not sure why he needs moral support, but probably it’s something to do with former conquests of his.
On A03 here

Get Me To The Church On Time
Modern AU. Pairings: Gwaine/Hunith, side Arthur/Merlin. Fluff. 6248 words.
Merlin insists that Hunith should bring her new (fictional) partner to his wedding. Rather than panic, Hunith decides to ask her PA to find her a suitable professional escort.
On A03 here

The Great Gateau
Modern coffee-shop AU. 2458 words. Rating: NC-17. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Just the usual boy meets boy, spills his coffee, mops his posh shoes, flirts badly and yet still manages to shag him senseless story. That's the power of cheekbones.
Inspired by merlocked18’s amazing Can't believe I just met you down at the coffee shop.
On A03 here

Hipsters Versus Dragons
Modern coffee-shop AU with pining and beards. Pairings: Arthur/Merlin, side Leon/Annis;. Words: 29,622. Rating: Mature.
In response to Morgana's latest edict, designed to lure in customers, Merlin grows a hipster beard. Arthur doesn't like it. Or rather, he does.
On A03 here.

Modern AU. Pairings: Arthur/Merlin. Dub-Con, A/B/O, hurt/comfort (4,104 words)
It’s just another day for Arthur, the leading consultant at Camelot Hospital’s overstretched accident and emergency department. Until, that is, they wheel in an unconscious man with a bullet wound in his thigh. It doesn't take long before Arthur realises that he's more than just another patient. Although omegas were hunted to extinction, years ago, yet, here one is. Wounded, and in heat. As an alpha, Arthur must take care of him.
Written for my hurt/comfort bingo amnesty card - prompts: bullet wounds, hypothermia, dub-con, wild card (fever / delirium).
On A03 here.

An Incompetent Student
Canon. Pairings: Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Gwaine, Merlin/OFC, Arthur/Gwen (implied). 8964 words. PWP.
Arthur asks Merlin to help him out with a delicate matter. Merlin asks Gwaine for some practical advice. Upon finding out how well endowed Merlin is, his various instructors decide he is a terrible student who needs lots of "hands on" guidance. They never really solve Arthur's problem.
On A03 here

I needed to feel you to believe
Canon-compliant modern reincarnation AU. 1290 words. Rating: Gen. Pairing: Merlin/Arthur.
When Arthur confronted a pesky kid who kept following him around, he got more than he bargained for.
On A03 here

Inspirations and Exhalations
Modern AU. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin. 8289 words. Genre: heavy satire. NC-17.
London-based AU, in which Nimue's an evil Californian HR director, Mordred's an incomprehensible hippy with a fine line in Silicon Valley jargon, and Arthur's the grumpypants London Office manager. The mysterious Dragon Man keeps leaving amusing, sarcastic replies on the office notice-board, in reply to Nimue's daily motivational hyper-bollocks (otherwise known as "inspirational quotes"). Could this be the person who can finally teach Arthur how to smile again?
On A03 here

Into the Light
Canon AU. Pairings: Arthur/Merlin. Rating: Teen and up. 8,029 words.
Arthur wakes up to a number of cold, bitter truths. Orphaned, injured, and imprisoned in Camelot's deepest dungeons with the sorcerer that he once called his friend, how can Arthur win back the throne from the treacherous Morgana?
Episode AU for episode 03.11: The Sorcerer's Shadow. Written for the amazing Canon Fest on LJ and the “imprisonment” square on my Round 8 hurt/comfort bingo card.
On A03 here.

It’s a Sign!
Fluffy Modern AU. Established relationship. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin. Words: 535. Rating: Gen.
Arthur has a moment of epiphany while waiting for a ferry. In Finland.
Written for the amazing Merlocked18 and Tibeyg, and for the secret identity revealed square on my hurt/comfort bingo card.
On A03 here.

Lyrical Miracle
Modern AU. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin. 18111 words. Action/Adventure, slightly spooky, humour, Kid!Mordred. Rating: Teen and up.
A grim, dark being awakens in the London Underground. It might even be eldritch. The Lady of the Lake must act quickly to bring her heroes together before it is too late. In which Merlin, a soft-hearted idiot with a terrible memory for lyrics, encounters Arthur, an ardent David Bowie fan, at Morgana's Halloween party. Good job Freya's brought an assortment of magical jewellery to help speed things along.
On A03 here

Maybe This Time (The Hunters and the Hunted Remix)
Canon. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin. 2758 words. Fluff. Rating: NC-17.
That's it. Merlin's never going to drink spiced wine again, not after that Beltane debacle. (Remix of zairaa's lovely fic, That One First and maybe Last Time)
On A03 here

Merlin, Arthur, the Ass and the Bee
Canon. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin. 499 words.
A domestic scene in Camelot
On A03 here

Merlin's Magical Mocha-Making Machine
Modern AU, coffee shop. 1836 words. Fluff. Rating: Teen and up. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Merlin's new coffee machine exceeds expectations.
On A03 here, on my LJ here

The Mating Season
Modern Royal Soulmates AU. Pairings: Arthur/Merlin. 28,812 words.
On a whim, at least partly prompted by the fact that it will really annoy his sister, Prince Arthur recruits Merlin to replace his missing valet, George. As time goes by, despite Merlin's inability to iron even a single garment without leaving burn marks, Arthur starts to develop inconvenient feelings—the sort that make his soulmark throb and his heart race. But Merlin is hiding unsettling secrets, and Arthur needs to decide who he can trust. A modern-day royal magical mystery soulmate AU. In which Merlin thinks he's James Bond, or Jeeves, or Harry Potter, or something, but actually he's more like... erm... Merlin. But despite that, it all turns out all right in the end.
Written for Alittlehuntress for the 2017 Merlin Holidays fest.
On A03 here.

A Misplaced Trust
Modern AU, Christmas fluff, 7519 words, Rating: Teen and up (for language). Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Arthur meets a freezing-cold musician with an enchanting smile, and asks him on a date. Little does he know that they'll soon be colleagues - and, unfortunately for Arthur, the charity he works for has a strict "no fraternising" policy. Meanwhile, why has his sister, Morgana, departed under a cloud? And why won't she return his calls?
On A03 here, on my LJ here

The Mysterious Mr E
Modern AU. 21,044 words. Rating: Teen and Up. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin, Mordred & Kara friendship. Warnings for Internalized homophobia, sexist and homophobic language, offscreen prior minor character death.
Mordred is fourteen years old, gay and terrified. Finding his fragile world blown apart when the mysterious Mr E, a figure from his dad’s past, starts work at his school, can he summon up the courage to hold on to those he loves? As he embarks on his perilous journey through adolescence, he slowly discovers that he has more allies than he ever knew.
On A03 here

Oh No, Not Again
Canon. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin. 880 words.
With horror, Arthur learns that Merlin's gone to the tavern with Gwaine. He takes swift action to ensure that nothing untoward occurs.
On A03 here

Polly Gone
Modern AU. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin. Rating: Mature. 5349 words.
Arthur finds a foul-mouthed parrot, spouting on and on about destiny, in his wardrobe one sultry July day. He posts an entry in the “lost and found” section on Turns out the parrot belongs to Merlin, but it keeps coming back to Arthur's wardrobe.
On A03 here

Poshpants and Planet-Brain in Paradise
Modern AU. 9571 words, NC-17, Modern AU fic. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Merlin and Arthur go on a team-building retreat to the wilds of north-west Scotland. They've never camped before, and are absolutely rubbish at it. Merlin is really badly equipped and he has a pathetic excuse for a sleeping-bag. They end up having to share body heat, and one thing leads to another.
On my LJ here, on A03 here

The Pride of Dibley
Merlin / Vicar of Dibley fusion. 12172 words. Rating: PG. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Reverend Merlin Emrys is the first ever outwardly gay vicar in Dibley – whose parishioners are as fine a collection of misfits and eccentrics as England has ever boasted. The village comes into the limelight when Songs of Praise films a special Dibley Pride service. But Merlin soon finds himself developing feelings for Arthur, head of the production team. Who also happens to be the estranged son of Uther Pendragon: local landowner, and head of Dibley Parish Council. Oh dear.
On A03 here

The Prince’s Bride
Modern Royalty AU. 1959 words. Rating: NC-17. Pairings: Morgana/Gwen, Arthur/Merlin
After much deliberation, and without ceremony, King Uther Pendragon finds suitable mail-order spouses for his children. Once all the paperwork has been finalised, the newlyweds finally meet their life partners in the most romantic location that Uther can imagine - on a private island in the Caribbean, far from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. What could possibly go wrong?
On A03 here

Raise The Bar And Our Cups To The Stars
Modern AU. 1290 words, NC-17. Pairings: Gwaine/Lancelot
Gwaine's single, he's in Sochi, and he's doing his bit for Anglo-Irish-Chilean relations.
Author's notes: Written for the 2014 Merlin Winter Olympics fest on Livejournal
On A03 here

Seas Between Us Braid Hae Roar’d
Modern AU. 2522 words. Rating: NC-17. Pairing: Merlin/Arthur Pendragon
Arthur and Morgana host a memorable Hogmanay party at their Edinburgh flat. But at the end of it all, how come the only place left for Arthur and Merlin to sleep is in the tiny, cluttered boxroom? Soon the two men find that being forced into such close proximity has its compensations.
On A03 here: here

A Silence Full of Sound
Modern AU. Pairings: Arthur/Merlin. 1,564 words
Struggling to adjust to his hearing loss, Arthur joins his Deaf friend Merlin at a dance class. The idea that Deaf people can dance strikes him as odd at first. But then he tries a few tentative steps, and finds a whole new world opening up.
Written for the “hearing loss” square on my Round 8 hurt comfort bingo card
On A03 here.

Sing, Sweet Nightingale
Canon AU drabble. 685 words, NC-17. Pairings: Elena / Morgana
Morgana cares for Princess Elena in her chambers.
Author's notes: Written for Tavern Tales for the monthly theme: Quickies, Frantic Gropes, Desperate Times, here.

Something's Brewing
Modern AU. 16,214 words, NC-17. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Secrets, secrets, secrets. In the build-up to Christmas, Merlin makes the mistake of letting Gwaine know that he has three guilty secrets concerning his boss, Arthur. But Merlin’s terrible at keeping secrets, especially when he’s being plied with Pendragon Breweries Ltd’s latest truth serum – aka “beer”. Meanwhile, Arthur's uncle Agravaine seems to have secrets of his own. Something’s brewing all right: a fermenting mash of false accusations, industrial espionage, malted barley and hops.
On A03 here.

Songs of Deliverance
Canon AU. 13,814 words. Rating: NC-17. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin. Warning: Dub-con
In desperate times and foul weather, a group of grim-faced travellers arrive at a quiet inn in Albion’s far-flung outer reaches. They seek one who wishes to remain hidden - one who left Camelot under a cloud, and at great personal cost.
First posted here. On A03 here.

Stars directing our fates
Canon AU. 4937 words. Rating: NC-17. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
In which Merlin finds that his destiny is quite literally written in the stars.
First posted here. On A03 here

Sweet Tooth
Modern AU. 1738 words. Rating: Teen and up. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Arthur's a top-notch dentist, but his assistant is ill. Luckily for Gwaine, final-year dentistry student Merlin is available to help out with his root filling.
On A03 here.

Thursday the Thirteenth
Modern AU. 4232 words. Teen and Up. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
It's Anti-Valentine's Day, Thursday the Thirteenth, the day when single people go to the pub and play cribbage. Unfortunately for Mordred, it rapidly becomes evident that Arthur and Merlin are rather less single than they claim.
Author's Notes: Written for the Merlin Writers' 2014 Valentines Day Themed Challenge.
On my LJ here, On A03 here

Town and Gown
Modern AU. 60,049 words. Rating: NC-17. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
When Arthur Pendragon, scholar, mathematician, and cricketer, encounters Merlin Emrys, townie, kebab-van worker, and virtuoso guitar player, their two worlds collide in a flurry of ketchup battles, ill-fitting cricketing gear, and lurid green, Freddie Flintoff underpants. The course of true love never does run smooth, especially not when ambitious fathers, disillusioned mothers, record-company magnates, devious bed-makers and nefarious cricketing friends start shoving a disruptive punt-pole into the proceedings.
Or: what if Romeo and Juliet was a comedy, based in modern-day Cambridge? With rabbits?
Written for the 2014 After Camlann Big Bang, with art from the wonderful merlocked18
On A03 here

Post-5.13 Modern canon-compliant. 12686 words. NC-17. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Merlin is suicidal, crushed by the weight of his destiny. Can Arthur save him, and save Albion? What can I say? Just too many feels after that awful Christmas Eve punch to the fandom's face. Had to do something.
On my LJ here, on A03 here

Whatever Happened To Those Heroes?
Coffee-shop AU. 2899 words. Rating: Teen and Up (for swearing and sexual references). Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Arthur couldn’t work out why everyone on this entire sodding campus was hell-bent on annoying the fuck out of him with stupid pseudonyms when they ordered their coffee, instead of just giving him their first names, like normal people. But he was willing to bet that Morgana was at the bottom of it all, somehow.
On A03 here:

What Infinite Heart’s-Ease
Canon compliant hurt/comfort and angst. Pairings: Arthur&Merlin (blink and you miss it slash). Words: 2,247. Rating: Gen.
The bittersweet aftermath of a famous victory leaves Arthur battered and traumatised. But he must hide his pain, and be the King that his people need. Thankfully, he has Merlin by his side.
Written for the Exhaustion square on my Round 8 hurt/comfort bingo card.
On A03 here.

When you Need a Dragonlord.
Canon AU. c. 5000 words, NC-17. Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Arthur has banished Merlin for saving his life with magic, and is missing him more than he cares to admit. Meanwhile a dragon is ravaging Camelot.
On my LJ here. Cleaned up version with bonus prologue on A03 here.

Wish You Were Here
Modern AU with Magic. Pairings: Arthur/Merlin. Rating: Teen and up. 10.652 words.
Alone and grieving, Arthur finds that his home, full of echoes of his father’s life, is no longer a sanctuary. As much for something to do as anything else, he takes a temporary job at the station cafe, where an unexpected encounter turns his world upside down.
Written for the “grief” square on my Round 8 hurt/comfort bingo card
On A03 here.

You’ll be Older, Too
Canon AU. 3149 words. Rating: Gen. Pairing: Arthur / Merlin
Merlin's away from Camelot, visiting the druids. The whole citadel awaits his return, but none more impatiently than the king.
On A03 here

You're headed for a breakdown, be careful not to show it
Modern AU. 4,004 words. Hurt/comfort. Meet cute.
He sidled along row H to his chair, and then stopped abruptly. Because the seat was already occupied; some dude in a baseball cap was sitting there, studiously avoiding eye contact by examining his program. Frowning, Merlin glanced down at his ticket. Yes, H3. The guy definitely was sitting in his chair.
Written for the amazing bunnysworld, and for the secret identity revealed square on my hurt/comfort bingo card.
On A03 here.

You're the Rock, I'm the Paper, Who Needs Scissors?
Canon AU. Pairings: Arthur/Merlin. Rating: Explicit. 4,182 words.
In which Merlin and Arthur let fate decide… who should top.
Written for the awesome malu_3, who won my crossword competition
On A03 here.

Zero Feet Away
Modern AU. 16709 words, NC-17. Pairings: Arthur/Merlin, various others
Arthur’s life is on a self-destructive downward spiral. Only an endless stream of pointless hook-ups and one night stands can distract him from his failures. But then a random hook-up leads to an opportunity to build a new life, and in the process rediscover something he thought he’d lost forever.
On A03 here.
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