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Some Canon-era Crack-ish Smutty Fics...

While I've been trying to avoid writing squeeze words out on my ACBB, I seem to be mostly inspired to write canon era smut/crack/porn. To the extent that I might need to collect them together into a canon-era crack-ish-porn-ish-smut-ish collection on A03! So, here are the latest ones...

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Real life whinge

They say, write what you know.

Therefore, I'm currently plotting a fic in which Morgana channels her inner rage at painful periods into a murderous derangement, entirely directed at people who get no periods at all, or people who empathise with her profound sense of dislocation with blithe statements like "Oh, I'm lucky! I only get very mild ones, just a couple of days of spotting, Have you tried chamomile tea?"
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Arthurian Crossword Puzzle WINNERS!

Dearest Flist -

As you may have noticed, I have now posted the solution to Ye Olde Arthurian Crossworde on A03! Of course, you are all winners in my eyes. But in terms of Arthurian crossword puzzle completions, as far as I can tell, my inbox contained nine correct entries as follows:


Enormous apologies to anyone who entered but is not in this list. I have scanned my email inbox very carefully several times, and don't *think* I have missed any correct entries, but I am, above all, a numpty. If I have forgotten you, please feel free to direct your ire in at me in the comments! But I digress. CONGRATULATIONS TO MY AMAZING CROSSWORD COMPLETERS! YOU ARE ALL BRILLIANT AND I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU FOR PLAYING! <3 <3 <3  After an extremely technologically advanced draw (involving 9 post-it notes and a 14-year-old stuck at home on a snow day), the winner is....


Dearest Malu. Not only did you win the draw, but also your dragon-administrated solution made me giggle. Whether you want one or not, a 500-word drabble will be winging its way to you as soon as I can think of something suitable :)


Cam <3
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Arthurian Crossword Puzzle

Dearest flist

In an attempt to avoid working, I have created an Arthurian Crossword Puzzle! To play, print out the puzzle, add your answers, and photograph or scan your finished version. If you email the correct puzzle to me within one week, I'll put it in a hat for a prize of a 500-word Arthurian drabble :)
With especial thanks to Mr Cam for test driving the crossword and confirming that it works.
EDIT: Oh, you'll need my email address which is camelittle at outlook dot com

I'll post the answers on Friday 8th December 2017.

 If you prefer, you can access the .pdf on gdocs via this link

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Fic prompt.

Imagine... an apocalyptic Doctor Who / Bake-off crossover, scripted by "Stephen Moffat" in which the contestants have to save THE UNIVERSE with their epic bakes.

Featuring (because it's my prompt, and I can mix series up if I want to):

Bake-offy peeps:

Noel Fielding being randomly charming
Mel and Sue, peppering the tent with double entendres
Paul Hollywood's "mmm this is delicious" face
Mary Berry's multi-coloured bomber jackets

Doctor Whoey peeps:

11th Doctor competing against HIMSELF
All my favourite Doctor's companions i.e. Rose, Donna, Wilf, Amy Pond, Jack Harkness, and let's face it the entire cast of Torchwood

A tangled, Moffat-esque plot
Epic quantities of delicious baked goods
A race against TIME ITSELF
Daleks being flummoxed by pastry

Ready, Steady, BAKE!

Merthur *Intimate*

Fic: What Infinite Hearts-Ease

Title: What Infinite Hearts-Ease
Pairing: Merlin & Arthur Pendragon
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 2,244
Content: Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort.
Summary:The bittersweet aftermath of a famous victory leaves Arthur battered and traumatised. But he must hide his pain, and be the King that his people need. Thankfully he has Merlin by his side.
Author’s notes:
"What infinite heart's-ease
Must kings neglect, that private men enjoy!"

--Henry V, Act 4, Scene 1

Fills the "Exhaustion" square on my hurt/comfort bingo card.
Merthur *Intimate*

My remix fic...

Title: The Hand of Time: The Future Perfect Remix
Pairing: Merlin / Arthur Pendragon,
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 11,816
Content: Future!Fic, Post-Apocalyptic AU, Remix, Artificial Intelligence, Dragons, Fluff, Angst
Summary:Arthur and Merlin return with Balinor, the only man who can save Camelot from the vengeful creature that Merlin released from the citadel's dungeons. When Balinor is injured in a bandit attack, he survives, thanks to Arthur’s skill in battle, and Merlin’s skill in healing. In the events that follow, all three men are forced to confront the past that haunts them, as they strive to overcome the threat.
Author’s notes: This story was written for this year’s Camelot Remix fest as a remix of the amazing scotscookie’s incredible story “Gulf of Years”. scotscookie created a (vastly superior) alternative ending to the episode “The Last Dragonlord”. In Cookie’s story, Balinor survives, and then... *NO SPOILERS*! Go and read it! It's fantastic!
Cookie, you have created such a tremendous range of beloved stories that I really struggled to decide on which one to remix. Apart from anything else, I really didn’t want to screw this up because I’m such a massive die-hard Cookie fan! Anyway, dear Cookie, this is for you! I do hope that you don’t hate what I’ve done. Thank you so much for generously opening up your collection of stories to this amazing fest.
Huge thanks to my wonderful beta reader, archaeologist_d, who provided much-needed sound advice. Any remaining mistakes, purple prose, repetition, plot holes, or general irritations are all mine. Thank you also to the mods for your hard work in matching us, for matching me to such a fantastic author, and for keeping this wonderful fest alive. DISCLAIMER: Not my characters, I’m not getting paid.